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Health options




Fast Food Healthy Options

        Many fast food restaurants  are making a positive statement and seem to be sticking to it.  Importance of  good nutrition  is finally getting through to fast food restaurants. Almost all restaurants nowadays are concern about both nutrition and flavor. These restaurants start offering their costumers new low calorie / low fat healthy options.


    McDonalds have made many changes to their menu and offer a Penne Pasta Salad with Italian style chicken at a mere 266 calories. It has less than 5% fat and that includes the dressing. Also McDonalds offer the Feta cheese and pasta Salad for 239 calories. They also offer a fruit bag at 42 calories, that you can swap for chips to make a more nutritious Happy Meal. Last but not least, for a great snack, McDonald offer new strawberry yoghurt burst at 35p for just 21 calories.


Kentucky Fried Chicken:

   KFC are slowing following in the footsteps of these other fast food venues by offering a warm chicken salad for 256 calories without the dressing, and for an extra 32 calories you can add the low fat vinaigrette. They also offer a side dish of corn on the cob for only 150 calories.

Burger King:

    Burger King is the ultimate king of healthy options. They have launched a range called Lighter Alternative (LA) which offers an LA Chicken Sandwich for 322 calories. Also, they offer a warm Flame Grilled Chicken Salad for less than 140 calories and a garden salad at less than 35 calories. Burger King's French dressing is only 8 calories per serving, the yummy Tomato and Basil dressing only 19, the Honey and Mustard dressing is 32 calories, while the Caesar dressing is 161 calories. All of these, bar the Caesar dressing, are low in calories and can add that extra oomph into your crunchy salad.