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Hardee's Origin:

    Hardee’s has been in existence since 1960. The Tri-Cities franchisee, RMG was formed in 2000. The first RMG owned Tri-Cities Hardee’s restaurant opened in April, 1970 in Kingsport, TN.

Currently, Hardee's owns and operates a system of nearly 2,400 company and franchise-owned quick-service restaurants in 32 states in the US and 11 foreign countries.


The Tri-Cities Hardee's Mission:

      Tri-Cities' Hardee’s mission is to make the selection and purchase of quick service breakfast, lunch, and dinner products an easy, time-saving, and enjoyable experience. In doing so, the company is committed to creating an organization which puts the needs of its customers as its first priority. Tri-Cities Hardee’s always  offer the best food, best value, best service, and cleanest environment.

Some Hardees Products are:


Hardee's Products:

  • Big Hot harm "N" cheese burger

  •  Big chicken fillet burger

  • Mushroom Swiss thick burger

  • Crispy curls potatoes

  • Fried chicken thigh

 Hardees Logo:

   Hardee's is currently revitalizing its brand image and remodeling all its restaurants into "Star Hardee's". This marks a return to Hardee's heritage of charbroiled burgers. Hardee's continues to lead the industry with breakfast favorites such as Made From Scratch. Biscuits, freshly sliced roast beef, the added value table service and of all-you-can drink beverage bars and brighter restaurants remodeled both inside and out.