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The future of fast food



The future of fast food

What is the future of fast food? Will the chains reinvent themselves through menus that an increasingly health-conscious public can live with? Or will we continue to spend more than $110 billion a year on food that health experts say is slowly killing us?

      Fast food is growing high those days and it will increase at the future. .Restaurants will continue to offer lower-calorie condiments and more gourmet breads, as well as so-called functional foods, or foods that have health benefits outside of basic nutrition. Fiber, for example, decreases cholesterol and tomatoes are rich in lypocene, which reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Most fast-food chains offer one or two healthier items, but they must compete with the high-fat items. And there will always be a demand for traditional high-fat foods. The fat tastes good, the salt tastes good. The food's easy to chew, you can eat it fast, and it's cheap. First, Wendy's is willing to experiment with new ingredients and it is seeking taste excitement, new flavors and textures. Today Wendy's is offering things like Asiago cheese, which you wouldn't have heard of 10 years ago at a fast-food restaurant. Finally, I'd love to see more fruit and vegetables and low-fat milk at fast-food places.